This course deals with the care of the four levels of clientele: Individuals, Families, Population Groups and Communities, utilizing concepts and principles in Community Health Development. It is structured to provide a learning experience to nursing students focused on developing social responsibility with particular emphasis on the Promotive and Preventive aspects of nursing care. It describes problems, trends and issues in the Philippines and global health care systems affecting community health nursing practice.


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Ms Astrid

This course emphasizes on learning the professional standards within the context of care, exhibiting an attitude of professionalism and the skills employed by professional nurses in the performance of their job, such as thinking critically, communicating effectively, handling conflict, delegating successfully, building teams, controlling resources, improving quality, managing stress, and leading change. It is designed to enable senior students to socialize into the profession and gain a wider perspective of the practice. It aims to promote critical understanding of the role of a beginning nurse leader and manager.