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Getting the Moodle App for 2015-2016

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Getting the Moodle App for 2015-2016
by Rex Wallen Tan - Monday, 22 June 2015, 1:45 PM

Dear students,

Welcome to the first week of class! We'd like to announce that for this school year we have the Moodle App - so you can download your lectures on your smartphone!

Here is the screenshot of what it will look like on your phone:



To download the app please go to the following links:

Download for Android - Click here for Google Playstore

Download for iPhone/iPad - Click here for Apple Store

Download for Windows Phone - Click here for Windows Phone Store

Settings to use:

Moodle URL:

Username/Password: Southville Username + Password


Have a great school year! 

Be Amazing! Be Southville!