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Microsoft IT Academy Benefits

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Microsoft IT Academy Benefits
by Rex Wallen Tan - Monday, 21 February 2011, 3:42 PM
Summary: You can download free software for personal use e.g. Windows 7, Microsoft Visio, Game Developer studio with your Southville login at:

From our website: (


Microsoft offers the free use of Microsoft software through the MSDN Academic Alliance. One of the primary goals of the program is to make it easier and less expensive for students and faculty to obtain Microsoft developer tools, platforms, and servers for instructional and research purposes. The faculty and students may check-out or download the software to install on their personal computers. To avail of this privilege, a student or faculty must have a valid Southville login (contact the MIS department if you lack one). The MSDNAA site where you may download Microsoft software is available here

Microsoft E-learning portfolio

Microsoft offers over 70 e-learning certification courses ranging from Microsoft office, Microsoft sharepoint, Microsoft SQL Server, C# .NET, Microsoft Vista, etc. The MIS team at SISC can setup FREE E-learning accounts for any official Microsoft E-learning course for all Southville students and faculty. A full list of all the e-learning courses is available here. Please contact the Moodle team if you would like to request access (free) - the contact form is available on the website.

Microsoft Digital Literacy program

Microsoft offers online digital literacy courses for those who are not yet comfortable using a computer. The MIS team at SISC will gladly extend help to students/faculty and others connected to the SISC family for FREE... More information can be found here

Microsoft E-reference book library

Microsoft offers over 500 reference books online at an E-reference book library. Please ask the moodle team at Southville for access to the e-reference book library. More details are here

Microsoft Official Courseware (fees apply) Microsft has a list of Official microsoft courseware (Books/Labs) that can only be bought through official Microsoft partners. If interested - please contact the Moodle team if you wish to place an order through SISC