In this course, students are helped to reassess and affirm their 5Cs qualities and to further hone these to make a difference in their future places of work. They update their personal portfolios; go through mock interviews, and simulation activities to enhance their confidence when faced with actual job searching and applications.

A 5Cs leader is expected to behave appropriately in any given social situation. Professionalism in the workplace is a mark of a 5Cs leader. In IC5, students are trained how to behave in social gatherings, the politically correct way to speak their minds, observing etiquette in fine dining, meeting people, and the like.   SSLC 5C’s leaders need to acquire a positive projection of self and adherence to worthwhile social graces and universal practice of etiquette, confidence, manners and strong work ethics for handling various social/interpersonal situations.

•The course SSLC Hallmarks introduces students to the institutional vision and mission, institutional values and cultural practices, credo, objectives, pledge, hymn, logo, college vision and mission statement, and other essential features pertinent to the students’ developing a sense of pride of SSLC as their Alma Mater.
•Learning experiences help students discover, develop, and hone their skills in personal effectiveness and responsibility as college students and learners.

The course aims to help students develop and enhance their intra and interpersonal (EQ) skills. Learning experiences are provided to help students develop heightened awareness of their strengths and weaknesses, attitudes, and habits with the ends in mind of helping them grow in empathy, become more effective in establishing and maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships, managing their emotions, resolving conflicts in relationships, and becoming more assertive in his/ her dealings.

The course aims to make students become more conscious and better understand their needs and motivation in life. This course slants more specifically in helping students grow in achievement  drive/ motivation with the end in mind of helping them become achievers and eventually leaders of society

The course aims to facilitate the growth and development of the students in the light of the various human / values development theories. Through this course, the students will be equipped with at least the basic knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of growth and development; as well with the basic skills, competencies, and strategies to further facilitate their ongoing growth and values & character development.

The course discusses the concept of leadership, types and styles of leadership, qualities of good leaders, and teamwork or group processes. Other topics include important keys to effective leadership, factors of leadership, leadership framework, leadership models, managerial grid, process of great leadership, and practices of successful leaders.